Jio Financial Services Share Price: This share of Jio fell so low today, everyone got worried!
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Jio Financial Services Share Price: This share of Jio fell so low today, everyone got worried!

Jio Financial Services Share Price: In our country India, when Reliance company started its Jio company , the internet used to be very expensive, but today due to Jio , the internet has become very cheap in the entire country, due to which the internet is available in every village. People are also able to use the internet.

Jio Financial Services Share Price:

Today, due to this internet, many people are earning lakhs and crores of rupees every month, and due to this, the number of people investing in share market is also increasing in our country. Whereas earlier people mostly invested their money in FD etc., today the same people prefer to invest in the stock market.

People investing in the stock market have to keep an eye on the share prices of companies, so today in this post we will know about Jio Financial Services Share Price, what is the share price of Jio Financial Services company today.

At present Jio Financial company is quite trending because many stock market investors have invested their money in it. So let us now know about Jio Financial Services Share Price .

Jio Financial Services Share Price

When the stock market opens today on October 19, the share price of Jio Financial Services will be ₹ 216.40 per share . When the stock market opened yesterday (October 18, Wednesday), the share price of Jio Financial Services was ₹ 221.40 per share, which increased to ₹ 216.40 per share by the time the market closed.

There are small changes in the share price of Jio Financial Services every day, to get the updates of  Jio Financial Services,  stay connected with our website or you can also join our Telegram channel.

name of shareToday’s price (at market opening)
Jio Financial Services₹216.40 per share

Here is 52 Week High and 52 Week Low

The 52 week highest share price of Jio Financial Services company in the stock market has been ₹ 266.95 per share. Now if we talk about 52 Week Lowest , then it was ₹ 202.80 per share of this company .

In the stock market, 52 Week Lowest and 52 Week Highest of any company are very important because with this you can find out how much the share price of a company has gone down and how much it has gone up in the last 52 weeks.

What does Jio Financial Services company do?

For your information, let us tell you that Jio Financial Services company is a company providing different types of financial services in India.

Jio Financial Services company provides different types of financial services like – payment solutions, insurance services, asset management, digital banking etc. Let us also tell you that this company has partnered with the world’s largest asset management company BlackRock for asset management so that this company can provide a good service to the people.

How to buy Jio Financial Services shares?

If you want to invest your money in Jio Financial Services company then you must have a demat account, without a demat account you cannot buy shares of any company in the stock market.

In today’s time, there are stock broker companies like Groww , Zerodha etc. on which you can register for free and create your demat account . After getting a demat account, you can easily buy shares of any company.

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FAQ: Jio Financial Services Share Price

When was Jio Financial Services company listed on the stock market?

Jio Financial Company was listed on the NSE and BSE markets of the stock market on 21 August 2023.

Whose company is Jio Financial?

Jio Financial company belongs to Mukesh Ambani, which has been separated from Reliance Industry as a new company in the year 2023.

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